It’s what’s inside that counts!

Suspension is the one thing that is desired more than horsepower. Because when a bike handles amazing the rider can go faster without the bike getting out of control. It’s simple…Great Suspension = Faster Rider!

NOST Patented N10Z® Technology

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Only from Nost

Patented cone valve technology.

Amazing Control

Bottom, Mid and Top valving.

Increased Traction

Responsive custom spec spring.

Ultra Fine Tuning

Increased control based off patented cone valve setup.

Super Muscle System

NOST™ has created the first truly innovative suspension damping technology since the piston-shim replaced orifice damping. We dub our new technology SMS: Super Muscle System. Our goal is to ignore tradition and develop superior technology to improve suspension function in ways previously unfathomable.

What is inside?

N10Z™ (pronounced: in-tense)

Synonyms: Extreme, powerful, extraordinary, potent, acute, strong

What is it?
N10Z™ is a replacement compression adjuster valve that transforms a regular suspension system (forks or shocks) into a Super Muscle System. It is a bolt-in mechanical valve that even outperforms intelligent electronic systems. It is a major upgrade for any type of track conditions and terrain, for both racers and enthusiasts.

Some pics of our rippers!

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